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Axial flow check valve

Nominal diameter range: 1/2”~ 60” Pressure rating: class 150~class 2500 Product features: ①National Energy Bureau and CNPC “Oil And Gas Pipe Key Equipment Localizing Manufacturing Project” product; ②National patent sealing technology, zero leakage reliable sealing; ③Single-direction back flow prevention, pump or compressor protection; ④High flow capacity, low pressure drop, reduced pump or compressor energy consumption.
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Cryogenic check valve

Nominal diameter: 1/2” ~ 20” Pressure rating: class 150 ~ class 900 Actuator: N/A Product Features: ①National utility model patent; ②-196℃ cryogenic treatment, no phase transformation and deformation on valve body and key components; ③Cryogenic action test and cryogenic test under -196℃, reliable sealing performance; ④Sichuan best product.
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Piggable check valve

Nominal diameter: 8” ~ 48” Pressure rating: class 150 ~ class 1500 Actuator: manual Product features: ①Single-direction backflow prevention, pump or compressor protection; ②Piggable check valve; ③Quick closing + slow movement back to seat, preventing large quantity backflow and avoiding water hammer effect at the same time; ④Counter balance, manually operated.
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