Piggable check valve

Nominal diameter: 8” ~ 48” Pressure rating: class 150 ~ class 1500 Actuator: manual Product features: ①Single-direction backflow prevention, pump or compressor protection; ②Piggable check valve; ③Quick closing + slow movement back to seat, preventing large quantity backflow and avoiding water hammer effect at the same time; ④Counter balance, manually operated.
Manufacturer: Dipper Valve
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Swinging piggalbe check valve

Type: PCHA

Design specifications: API 6D, ANSI B 16.34

Nominal diameter: DN 200 ~ DN 1200 (NPS 8” ~ NPS 48”)

Pressure rating: PN 1.6 MPa ~ PN 25.0 MPa (class 150 ~ class 1500)

Actuator:  manual

Product Description:

Dipper piggable check valve is mainly applied to the long distance transmission natural gas or petroleum pipeline as well as chemical industry, water supply engineering etc. It is equipped with bolts to connect bonnet and body. It has single swinging piston design, when the swinging piston opening position is higher than the flow passage, pigging can be completed. Therefore, besides the function of an ordinary swinging check valve, piggable check valve also performs the pigging function. Moreover, the valve is equipped with a damping cylinder which is based on the working principle of oil pressure converse system. This design can reduce the vibration and noise under the condition of minimized change in operation parameters of the valve. Thus it helps avoid a sharp collision of valve parts and ensures pipe safety. As there is a needle valve on the damping cylinder, the valve closing speed can be adjusted through the needle valve. It is convenient, safe and stable in operation.


Performance characteristics:

1. The valve has the function of pigging as well as non-return

 2. Full port, low flow resistance

 3. Compact structure, easy to install

 4. Long service life, smooth valve opening and closing, zero leakage

 5. Oil pressure system running stable, safety and reliability, ensured safe valve operation


Typical application (See more on Reference Page):

1. Project: NanNing to LiuZhou Refined Oil Piping Engineering

End user: PetroChina

 Installation at: China

 Delivery year: 2011

 Nominal diameter: 16”

 Pressure rating: class 600

 Quantity: 5 PCS.

2. Project: the 4th Phase of Refined Oil Pipeline Project in Kenya

End user:  PetroChina

 Installation at: Kenya

 Delivery year: 2010

 Nominal diameter: 14”

 Pressure rating: class 600 ~ class 900

 Quantity: 9 PCS.
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