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Atlas 240 H

Atlas240H produced in 2019 for Seismic Exploration, this servovalve provides the high dynamic response characteristics and rugged reliability demanded in this application.
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Bento Lab Bioworks

A mobile genomics setup, Bento Lab combines a portable PCR machine, a microcentrifuge, gel electrophoresis and a transilluminator. And it fits into any laptop bag, so Bento Lab can travel wherever your science goes.
210 999,00 ₽

Cisco (Linksys) SPA8000

VoIP шлюз для подключения 8 аналоговых телефонов к локальной сети (SIP шлюз)
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• DuraBlueTM Shock and Vibration Technology1 • Up to 1,000,000 duty cycles or 10 year DC life* • High power and energy • 650F to 3,000F capacitance range • Threaded terminals or laser-weldable posts
70 000,00 ₽

Nera WorldCommunicator

Freedom and flexibility The Nera WorldCommunicator includes a built-in cordless phone base station that allows up to 12 cordless phones to be connected to form a cordless local phone network. In addition to the external line, up to 5 handsets can be used simultaneously for internal calls. These calls are free of charge.
200 000,00 ₽ 150 000,00 ₽

Кабель греющий. 45 ВТС2-ВР (45 ФСС 2-СФ)

Самореглирующийся греющий кабель 45 ВТС 2-ВР (45 ФСС 2-СФ) 2100 метров (находится в г. Надым)
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