Surge Relief Valve POLAREX - Nitrogen loaded (SRVP-N)

Thanks to the "nitrogen spring" it boasts best in class readings of response timings.
Manufacturer: Atlas Engineering group
Manufacturer part number: SRVP-N
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Nominal diameter: DN 100; DN 150; DN 200; DN 250; DN 300;

Working mediums: marketable oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, water;

Working temperature range (Celsius): 5С-85С;

Pressure rating: PN16 MPa ~PN100 MPa (Class 150~Class 600);

Compliance: ТУ 28.14.11-001-91910937-2020, API 6D, ANSI B 16.34;

Actuator: N/A;

Thanks to the preloaded by nitrogen membrane in other words our engineers call it "air spring", it boasts best in class readings of response timings. Due to extensive nitrogen volume in its membrane's volumetric displacement chamber, relative gas volume delta is less than 5% that causes a beneficial effect on the response time of the valve.

The Nitrogen overflow reservoir is integrated in outer valve shield jacket that results in compact on site mounting field, more comfortable temperature schedule for gas and doesn't require separate overflow tank and it's subsequent isolation.

Special attention has been paid by our constructors to maintenance costs and on field overhaulability of SRVP.

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