Pilot-operated Surge Relief Valve

Nominal Diameter: 3”~16”
Pressure Rating: Class 150~Class 1500
Product Feature: ①Two national innovative patent, two national utility model patent; ②No external energy, automatic quick pressure relief and slow closing; ③Originated design valve position displacement signal displacement and transmission function; ④Adjustable pilot valve open and close speed, suit for different application.

Manufacturer: Dipper Valve
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Design Specification: API 526, API 520, ASME B16.34

Nominal Diameter: DN80~DN400 (NPS 3”~NPS 16”)

Pressure Rating: PN1.6MPa~PN25.0MPa (Class 150~Class 1500)

Actuator: N/A


Product Description:

Pilot-operate surge relief valve is a self acting large relief amount surge relief valve, the action of disc is control by mechanical
pilot valve sensor bellows pressure, this will help to meet a quickly response and accurate opening, safe and reliable protect the
pipelin--e equipment. It is widely used in the long distance transportation pipe and tank application. the surge relief action
performance is stable, the closing is steady, no second water hammer phenomenon. It is good in flow capacity, able to provide
the enough transient release amount to eliminate water hammer.
This valve widely used in low viscosity medium gathering transportation pipeline system, such as: pipeline system transport
refined oil, gas, water etc, as a pipeline safety protection device. It is installed at the inlet or outlet of pump station as the low/high
pressure protection valve, to protect the station equipment or the outlet pipe.

Performance Characteristics:

1. Simply Structure, No External Energy, Self-acting Surge Relief Valve, Simply To Installation And Transportation
2. Axial Flow Structure, Ring Type Streamlined Flow Passage, Low Flow Resistance, High Flow Capacity
3. Automatic Pressure Relief: When the pipeline pressure over set-point pressure, the valve would quickly response to relief the
4. Automatic Close: When the pipeline pressure relief to a set-point pressure, valve would back to seat automatic and stable.
5. Special protect seat structure: patent technology in special seat protection structure, ensure sealing performance,
at the meantime prevent set point drift.
6. First to design and equipped valve position displacement sensor, which meet the display of trim opening percentage, provide
trim position data to site operation.
7. The pilot valve designs two adjustable method, one is rough adjustment the other is accurate adjustment,
make sure the accuracy of valve set pressure.
8. The pilot valve sealing designed spring energy storage sealing ring for sealing, which would make sure the sealing
performanc--e, and lower piston seal friction, to improve the sensitivity of pilot valve action.
9. Equipped adjustable valve in discharge line of pilot valve, to adjustable pilot valve relief rate, so that the relief valve opening
speed is adjusted.