Liquid Surge Relief Valve

Nominal Diameter: NPS3”~NPS 16”
Pressure Rating: Class150~Class1500
Product Feature: ①National Energy Bureau And China National Petroleum Corporation “Oil And Gas Pipe Key Equipment Localizing Manufacturing Project” products; ②Automatic pressure relief, automatic close function; ③Pressure signal automatic measure and alarm function; ④Temperature stable function.

Manufacturer: Dipper Valve
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Design Specification: API 6D,ANSI B16.34

Nominal Diameter: DN80~DN400 (NPS 3”~NPS 16”)

Pressure Rating: PN1.6MPa~PN25.0MPa (Class150~Class1500)

Actuator: N/A


Advantage Of Dipper Liquid Surge Relief Valve:

1.The Dipper Liquid Surge Relief Valve has involved in National Energy Bureau And China National Petroleum Corporation “Oil And Gas Pipe Key Equipment Localizing Manufacturing Project”
2.The Dipper Liquid Surge Relief Valve has registeredAt GlobalSupplier Network Of Sinopec C

Product Description:

Liquid Surge Relief Valveisa safe pressure release device, which specialty design to fluid gathering transportation pipeline. It aims to rapidly measuring pipeline pressure change, response according the measuring, protect oil transportation pipeline safety, and protect the pipeline system and equipment from damage by the pipeline abnormal pressure surge, which occurs by transient flow. These protection forms by surge relief valve itself, it is an automatic valve.
This Liquid Surge Relief Valve arewidely used in medium gathering transportation pipeline system, such as: pipeline system transport crude oil, refined oil, chemical product, water, etc. It is performas a pipeline safety protection device, it is a preferred solution to high velocity and silt crude oil pipeline. it is installed at the inlet or outlet of pump station as the low/high pressure protection valve, to protect the station equipment or the outlet pipe.

Performance Feature:

1. Automatic Pressure Relief: When the pipeline pressure over set-point, theliquid surge relief valvewould quickly response to relief the overpressure
2. Automatic Close: When the pipeline pressure relief to a set-point, the liquid surge relief valvewould back to seat automatic, no medium waste
3.Pressure Signal Automatic Measure And Alarm Function: When the nitrogen supply pressure lower to the capability of stable supply nitrogen pressure, or the nitrogen pressure higher or lower to set-point, the sensor would transfer the measured signal to station control system to alarming.
4. Temperature Stable Function: buried nitrogen tank, ensure the pressure stable no matter in winter or summer, restrain the affect on the nitrogen set pressure caused by atmosphere temperature changes.