Pigging Valve

Nominal Diameter: 2”~40”
Pressure Rating: Class150~Class2500
Product Feature: ①First different diameter pig valve manufacturer, national innovative patent; ② Originated protect inner floating roof tank pigging process method; ③Originated bayonet tooth system port cover structure, inter-locking vent design, ensure operation safety; ④Six unique method, ensure product safety and reliability.
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Type: Separating Pig Valve/Bypass Pig Valve/Cleaning Pig Valve;

Design Specification: API 6D, ANSI B16.34

Nominal Diameter: DN50~DN1000(NPS2”~NPS40”)

Pressure Rating: PN1.6~PN42.0MPa(Class150~Class2500)

Actuator: Manual Operated, Electrical Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator etc


Advantage Of Dipper Pigging Valve:

1. National Innovative Patent: The Pigging Device And Method To Protect Inner Floating Roof Tank (Patent No.ZL 2010 1 0115281.7)
2. National Innovative Patent: Different Diameter Pig Valve (Patent No.ZL 2008 1 0044336.2)
3. The first class registered products to China National Petroleum Corporation
4. The first class registered products to China National Offshore Oil Company
5. The registered products to China Aviation Oil Corporation/The Recommend Products Of China Aviation Oil
6. Products Supply To SinoChem
7. The registered products At Global Supplier Network Of Sinopec Corp.
8. Sichuan Famous Product
9. The Top Class Big Size Pig Valve Manufacturer, Dipper Valve manufactured DN500, DN600, DN700, DN800, DN900 Pig Valve

Product Description:

PIG VALVE also named as pig launcher valve or pig ball valve, Pig Valve is a newly type device for pig launching or receiving and have the two position shut-off ball valve function. Use pig valve to launching or receiving pig would more easily accomplished pipeline cleaning, emptying, separating and sequential transportation of medium. The pig valve can completely replace the complex conventional pig launcher and receiver system, which core is launching or receiving barrel.
Compared with conventional pig launching and receiving device,pig valve is much more preference in compact structure, stable performance, easy operation, easy to installation and maintenance, lower purchase cost and running cost. These advantages make pig valve a preferred solution to limited space such as offshore platform.
1. The separating pig valve is mainly used for separating or sequencing transport medium, the area of ball bore is approx. 3% larger than the flow area of pipe. And the receiving valve has an additional seal so as to prevent with certainty any mixing of the media to be separated after the pig has arrived. Thus ensure the good separating effect. separating pig valve is a patent product to Dipper Valve, Dipper Valve with completely independent intellectual property rights. Separating pig valve is a preferred solution to protect the internal floating tank from damaged by gas flow to tank when pigging.
2. Bypass pig valve is a pig valve with bypass, two elliptical flow channels have been provided in the valve ball, and are in the perpendicular direction to the ball bore, the cross section of the bypass is approx. 25% of the pipe, this ensure delivery flow not be interrupted when receive or launch pig (valve in closed position).
3. Cleaning Pig Valve is the standard pig valve, the area of ball bore which is approx. 25% larger than the flow area of pipe. To keep the continuous flow during pigging. Cleaning pig valve can be use as the shut off valve.

Performance Features:

1. Top Entry Design Valve Body
2. Stem Free From Ball Thrust Force,Stem Rotate Freely, Valve Operation Is Handy
3. Easy To Open And Close Port Cover
4. Zero Leakage
5. Interlocking Design Ensure The Safety Of Operation
6. Fire Safe Design, Fire Safe Test Meet API 6FA and API 607 Requirement
7. Anti-stastic Design
8. Cleanout Design

Usage experience

1. Project: Yangpu Refined Oil Bonded Warehouse Project In Hainan Province For Sinopec(HongKong)Limited
End User: Sinopec
Installation At: China
Delivery Year: 2012 and 2013
Nominal Diameter: DN800
Pressure Rating: PN1.6MPa
Quantity: 6 PCS
2. Project: 2# Base Warehouse Fuel Supply TianJin Port Project
End User: China Marine Bunker Supply
Installation At: China
Delivery Year: 2013
Nominal Diameter: DN300~DN700
Pressure Rating: PN1.6MPa
Quantity: 7 PCS
3. Project: The PetroChemical Terminal Project Of SinoChem Yangzhou/TianJin/ZhuaHai/NanTong
End User: SionChem
Installation At: China
Delivery Year: 2008~2013
Nominal Diameter: DN150~DN500
Pressure Rating: PN1.6~PN2.0MPa
Quantity: 123 PCS
4. Project: Papua New Guinea Ramu Nickel Cobalt Terminal Project
End User: China Metallurigigal Group Corporation
Installation At: Papua New Guinea
Delivery Year: 2008
Nominal Diameter: DN250~DN500
Pressure Rating: PN1.6~PN2.5MPa
Quantity: 4 PCS