Slurry Ball Valve

Nominal Diameter: 1”~36”
Pressure Rating: Class150~Class2500
Product Feature: ①HVOF high velocity oxygen fuel thermal spray coating process, non sediment, non lock the seat,low abrasion, tight sealing; ②Service at the outlet of high pressure pump station as scarifies valve, sealing valve, pipeline shutoff valve; ③Ideal to iron ore concentrate, coal-water slurry, copper ore concentrate, phosphate ore concentrate as well as tailings etc.

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Type: SB Type

Design Specification: API 6D,ANSI B16.34

Nominal Diameter: DN25~DN900(NPS1*~NPS36)

Pressure Rating: PN1.6~PN42.0MPa(Class150~Class2500)

Actuator: Manual Operated, Electrical Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator etc


Advantage Of Dipper Slurry Ball Valve:

1.600 Sets slurry ball valve supplier to Saudi Ma’aden Phosphate Mining Company
2.Slurry ball valve to phosphate transportation program at China National Phosphatic Fertilizer Base
3.Dipper slurry ball valve has successful applied to numerous slurry pipelines, with obviously advantage in mature technology and application reference.
4.The registered products At Global Supplier Network Of Sinopec Corp. 

Product Description:

Dipper Slurry Ball Valve is a special ball valve which Dipper owns completely independent intellectual property rights, It has utilized two Dipper’s patent technology, for slurry transportation, more consideration have been taken into valve’s flow passage design, material and so on.there is no obstruction and sediment in valve cavity, does not accompany with cavitations as well as zero leakage sealing design, valve easy to operation and has long service life. 

Performance Characteristics:

1.Different ball supporting design, assure valve operation stable and easy even in long term.
2.No “blind space” in valve cavity, which prevent the slurry sediment in valve
3.Sealing Ring Self-wiping sealing
4.Valve sealing pair are protected from erosion in the full opened position, which would longer the valve service life.
5.Floating Self-energized sealing function
6.Bi-directional Structure
7.Special coating Process

Typical Application (Checking More On Reference Page)

1. Project: Umm Wual Phosphate Project
Client:Saudi Ma’aden Phosphate Mining Co.
Installation At: Saudi Arabia
Delivery Year: 2009
Nominal Diameter: DN15~150
Pressure Rating: PN1.6MPa
Quantity: 557 PCS
2. Project: Dahongshan Iron Mining Concentration Tailing Transportation Program
Client: Pipeline Systems Incorporated
Installation At: P.R.China
Delivery Year: 2010
Nominal Diameter: DN50~DN300
Pressure Rating: PN2.0~5.0MPa
Quantity: 46 PCS
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