Automatic Recirculation Valve

Nominal Diameter: 3”~16”
Pressure Rating: Class 150~Class 1500
Manufacturer: Dipper Valve
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Design Specification: API 6D,ANSI B16.34

Nominal Diameter: DN 80~DN400 (NPS 3”~NPS 16”)

Pressure Rating: PN1.6MPa~PN25.0MPa (Class 150~Class 1500)

Shutoff Tightness: ASME B16.104 Class VI

Actuator: N/A


Product Description Of Automatic Recirculation Valve:

Automatic Recirculation Valves also named as Minimum Flow Valve, the automatic recirculation valve automatically protect centrifugal pumps during low load operation. In the modern industry process, the centrifugal pump are generally working under changeable flow rate, when the centrifugal pump’s load drops below a certain flow rate, the overheating, serious noise, unstable and cavitation erosion may happen, and that may damage the pump. The Automatic Recirculation Valve (minimum flow valve) is an automatic valve to solve this problem, once the pump load drops below a preset flow rate, the automatic recirculation valve’s disc moves towards it’s seat and the bypass flow path will open automatically, thus to maintain and reached the pump necessary minimum flow rate.

Automatic Recirculation Valve Performance Features:

1. Flow Rate Sense Function: Automatically sense the main flow rate in process system and determine the disc position according the flow rate.
2. Re-circulation Control Function: Maintain the pump necessary minimum flow rate, modulating pump H-Q curve, meet the flow rate control
3. Bypass Multi-level Pressure Relief Function: Depressure the high pressure circulating flow and circulate it to backflow storage device
4. Prevent Backflow: Prevent the back flow to pump and reverse the pump